Kathy Ashton (BHSc Nut Med)
Nutritional Medicine Practitioner

0413 604 712

  • Thank you Kathy, You have changed my life. Not only do I have great energy and vitality but I am also less stressed and so much happier. Understanding that serotonin levels can be increased through a healthy gut and knowing what to eat has given me a happy pill. Who knew? What price could I put on happiness? I'm eating more than I've every eaten in my life of such yummy satisfying food. I love it. Keep doing what you're doing. Everyone needs to hear what you teach.Jenny D, St Kilda East, Victoria
  • As a Personal Trainer I found going to the gym every morning and running around the football oval 40 hours a week was starting to stretch my energy levels. Having seen, firsthand the incredible energy my wife achieved through your program I had to jump on board and eat what she was eating. Wow! I can now keep up with the teenagers I coach at the football club and still feel full of energy at the end of the week. I really enjoy the food and eat as much as I want as often as I want of delicious comfort food till I feel fully satisfied. I go by how I "feel" and I feel great. Thank you so much for guiding us to great health and energy.Carl A, Box Hill, Victoria
  • This diet should be bottled, it is the only one I have ever been on that allows me to eat all the food I want, drink the odd glass of wine and to still lose weight. I have so much energy now. My heart palpitations have decreased significantly and I am feeling so much happier in myself. I enjoy working with Kathy, she is so professional and really has been able to nut out my issues. Not only has this diet improved my health it has also given me a whole new experience of great taste and texture in the food I now eat. Thanks Paul A. Mt Martha, Victoria
  • You would think that owning a medical centre would give me access to professionals who could help me on my quest to lose weight and improve my health. But no, I had been adding kilos over the years and was starting to feel tired and lethargic. My sporting ability was declining which I thought was a natural ageing process. Then I saw you speak at your Perth seminar and signed up for your health program and eating regime. Once I started following your advice and after your coaching sessions, I started to lose the weight and I am now 12 kilos lighter and still dropping. I am feeling amazing. I am sleeping better, running much more easily and with more enjoyment and have increased energy. I am told constantly that I look years younger and fresher. I have adopted this regime for life, as I never want to go back to feeling unwell again. It has been a pleasure working with you and I have enjoyed our fortnightly catch up calls which really assisted with keeping me engaged and on track.
    Mark C. Perth, Western Australia
  • "Kathy is my Nutritionist & Life Coach. She has guided me through the beginning steps of changing my health and well being for the better. She has encouraged and supported me along this new path of restoring my health that I have chosen to undertake with her.

    I have enrolled in a 12 month program and can not believe how quickly I began to feel positive results. I had no idea that simply changing what I eat could make such a difference to my health. I enjoy the regular emails Kathy supplies with new recipes. We also have a once a month Conference call where Kathy talks specifically on different issues related to our bodies and health. I find these amazing eye openers which encourage me even more to use food to heal my body.

    I do still take some prescription drugs (for high blood pressure) and will continue to do so unless Kathy feels I no longer need them. I have lost 10kgs without being hungry or focusing on weight loss. This I found very exciting as I had tried various diets over the years, but found them to be unsustainable in the long run.

    This program with Kathy is a Lifestyle Choice for Life and I love it! My energy levels have gone up, my skin is clear and healthy and I feel fantastic. I am able to manage a variety of other symptoms that I thought I would just have to live with, by changing what I eat. So simple, but not when you don't know how to use food as a medicine. Now I have the means and support through Kathy to change that.

    Thanks Kathy for showing me by example and now teaching me through your program, how to take better care of myself. "

    Jun 23, 2015

    Cindy S. Melbourne, Australia