Upcoming Events – My Kitchen Table Events

My Kitchen Table: in Melbourne, 2nd March 2017
My Kitchen Table: in Brisbane, 15th March 2017
Mind Body Spirit Festival: in Brisbane – Friday 17th March to Sunday 19th March 2017

Recently Completed – Mind Body Spirit Festivals

Demonstrations and talks in the Soul Kitchen, Speakers Lounge and Seminar Room
Sydney – October 2016, Sydney Showgrounds
Melbourne – November 2016, Convention and Exhibition Centre


Home based events

“My Kitchen Table”

A Plateful of information brought to your table

How many of you would like to pick the brains of a medicinal nutritionist to address your own individual issues?

No time or inclination to make a daytime appointment?

How about sitting in your own, or your friend’s living room and having all those confusing messages about food and what to eat explained in scientific, yet easy to understand, layman’s terms and THEN being able to ask a range of questions, not only on general health and food issues, but on your own individual needs.

Two and a half hours of AHAAAA moments!

And on top of all that, we bring a delicious supper for you to eat and savour.

What do we offer?

We come to you and run a fascinating presentation in the comfort and relaxed atmosphere of your own home.  There is plenty of time for Q & A and of course supper.

What will you learn?

It is a fabulous evening of information and insights!
What’s the catch?
Surely it must cost a fortune?

You would normally pay $200 for a one hour appointment with a medicinal nutritionist, so would $400, or more, be the cost of a two and a half hour home visit with supper included?

Invite 8 or more friends who are genuinely interested in improving their health, healing themselves of dis-ease or living a more active and happier life and … are willing to do what it takes to get there, and we will be there for you and your friends, 100% committed to kick start your individual journeys.

The cost is $30 a head for 2.5 hours of captivating information, including a delicious supper.

We would love to come to your place to share the wisdom of health and healing with you.

Contact us now to arrange an event at your place.

Go to the Contacts Page and email us.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Where have we been?

We have had the pleasure of holding numerous events around Australia. Some of the places we have had the pleasure of presenting at include:-

We invite you to add your suburb or town to the list.

Change your life, email us now.