Stop Blaming The Spud – Potatoes Are A Health Food

These humble little vegetables are my absolute favourite go-to breakfast, lunch and dinner staple.

I LOVE them.  Honestly, I feel so happy when I am preparing them, happy knowing in about half an hour, I will be chowing down on a bowl full of spuds.  They fill me with energy and contentment.

But one of the things I love most about them is their therapeutic value to the human body.

What, spuds are good for you? 

No!  Everyone says they are bad for you, have no nutritional benefits and make you fat.

They have a therapeutic affect on the body, really?  Absolutely!  Spuds are used in my programs as one of the major healing tools.  Our brains crave them, our gut microbiome thrives on them, our thyroid operates really well on them and our waistline are thankful for them.

Thank you, spuds,

The one thing most people say to me when I tell them to eat more spuds is ‘thank you’.  People love spuds, but we are told not to eat them because they will make us fat, they will cause your blood sugar to spike and they are from the deadly night shade family so they will cause tummy issues.


This poor humble vegetable has been so maligned; but ask the Irish, Polish, Russians, South Americans, and Europeans: they will tell you the spud is responsible for feeding and growing their nations.

A miracle vegetable

Here is what they can do:

I could go and on with other benefits, but I know right, are you just as in awe now of this vegetable as I am?

Spuds are truly an amazing vegetable

WARNING – Fat and spuds should not mix.  It can go horribly wrong if you add any form of fat to your potatoes.

Potatoes are broken down by the body as a sugar. If you cover it with some form of fat (without the fiber molecule attached – fiber has been squeezed/processed out eg: like olive oil, producing pure fat –  you will create a product made of sugar and fat).

What happens when you combine fat and sugar? The basic ingredients to make a dessert.  I like to think of it as a donut.

If you take a spud, cover it will olive oil, bake it in the oven, producing roasted potatoes, the body will see it as roasted donuts.  Yum I know, but healthy, I think not.

If you get fish and chips, you are in fact buying fish and donuts. When you put on weight, what gets the blame.  The poor humble spud.

It is not the spud’s fault; it is the combination of fat and sugar that is the problem.

Baked spuds topped with sour cream, bacon bits and cheese.  Baked donuts.

The spud is a wonderful weight loss tool 

Here is why:

Go forth and eat as many as you like. Just do not add any form of fat to them. Make sure you eat them away from other fatty foods by five hours.  Remember, carbohydrates (potato) are four calories per gram, whereas fat (olive oil, butter, cream, cheese) is nine calories per gram.

Do not blame the spud, blame the fat.

You can live of potatoes, do extremely well, go forth and flourish.