What does being ill really mean?

Illness; what does this term mean?

I am not feeling well.

I am feeling ill.

I just don’t feel right.

I wish I had all the energy I need to live the life I am creating.

I wish I slept better.

I know if I slept better then my life would be fuller.

I know if I felt better, had less pain, I would be happier.

I know if I could lose these excess kilos, my relationship would be better.

I know if I didn’t have all these allergies, I would feel better.

If I felt better, slept better, had less pain, was the perfect weight then my life would be extraordinary, however as it is, my life is just bearable.

All these comments I hear on a fairly regular basis. People frustrated because they don’t feel well. The only answers they seem to be given by most health professionals comes in the form of a pill or supplement, or restricted diet.

Not fun.

Healing is a multi pronged, multi layered, multifactorial process.

A bit like one of the great pyramids.

If you look at them they look like a triangle, three sided and we could label the three points, mind, body, and spirit. Or we could label them, thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

However, if we look deeper into the pyramid, we see they are filled with labyrinths, with all sorts of different chambers in them, different stairways that go up and down and sideways. A pyramid is just the outside appearance; the interesting stuff lies deep within those three walls: that is where the mystery lies. That is where we find the true healing capability of you!

Healing is a real journey. One with an extraordinary destination, the destination of ‘life, energy, love, happiness, health and adventure, and this lies deep within the pyramid of you.

Personally I have been on this journey. I have been on the road of discovery and can I tell you that the destination is so bright it is quite blinding.

Healing is not just about reduction of pain in the physical sense that really is the easy bit. Physically we need to eat the right foods, exercise and relax properly. These are the three easy parts of the pyramid; the hard bit is looking at what drives the food choices we make. What drives our thoughts and feelings.

As a medicinal nutritionist, I can tell you what foods to eat for health. I can explain the biochemical pathways that need to change, I can analyse your daily nutrient intake and tell you what is missing and then offer you supplements. I can apply reductionist science to your healing, but to be honest with you, this will not make you better.

Healing occurs as a whole.

Food, thoughts, feelings, actions and behaviours.

Thoughts and feelings are the real drivers of our health. Subconscious programs these are the drivers of our life, and if we are to heal fully, then we must address all of these.

With love, support, empathy, education, awareness, acknowledgement and answers to all your questions, YOU can heal all of you.

Food is not just the answer.

It’s a huge part, and it is what I teach, but it is only part of the pyramid.

I have seen it time and time again, where my patients have tried absolutely everything available to them without success. But when they try my regimes, try my way of healing, they become pain free, happy and full of life and hope.

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