Your brain can be changed: want to know how?

Question –

What lies deep within the labyrinth of our pyramid, our inner world?

Answer –

The ability to redesign how our brain, thinks, feels and behaviours. (Neuroplasticity)

The ability to change and transform.

The ability to become well.

The ability to flourish.

It is time to flourish

I have often been quoted as saying, “Health is just one decision away.  Healing is just one decision away.  Life and energy is just one decision away”.  And whilst this makes intuitive sense to almost everyone I say it too, the question always remains the same, how?

How do I continue to make the decisions I need around my food choices that will keep me on the journey of health and happiness?

How do I do that?

Life get’s in the way too often, and it just becomes to difficult.  This is what I hear all the time.

However; this statement, ‘it’s all too hard’, is also a decision.  A decision born from frustration, from childhood programming, from lack of knowledge and understanding.  Health is so much more than the foods we eat and the exercise we do, it is about knowing ourselves inside and out.

If you are given the knowledge and education, then every decision you make regarding your health comes from one of being informed.  Informed decisions are always the best decisions.

However, just because you know, does not always mean you do, right?

Master Yoda from Star Wars say, ‘Do or do not. There is no try’.  Which is one of my most favourite sayings, but sometimes, and I am not making excuses here, but sometimes, just doing is too hard, and life get’s in the way, right?

What Yoda forgot to mention was if the soul is willing, then try it will, and often, success will be the outcome.  But the soul can only be fully committed to trying if it is fully informed on all the steps it needs to take along the way to success and to the ‘do’.

My job is to equip you

My job as a practitioner is to equip you with all the tools you will need to be able to fulfill your ‘do’.

I need to equip you with strategies to create new and exciting pathways in your brain.  Unlock chambers within the pyramid of you, that you didn’t even know existed.  I need to lock some chambers too, ones that are no longer serving you.

I will show you that willpower is a dirty word and eludes everyone, no matter how bright, how wealthy or how famous they are.  Willpower does not equal health and happiness, far from it.

Knowledge and awareness equals health and happiness.

On my 2½ day retreat in May (5,6,7) we will discard willpower, and replace with awareness, knowledge, adventure and strategies for you to be able to strive towards health and vitality.

Health is just a decision away, and the decision is yours, what are you waiting for.  Click on the link below, and watch yourself flourish.  Watch yourself change and transform.  Become a new you.

Life does get hard, no doubt about that, but just imagine when it did, if you were still able to make the decisions that kept you healthy and happy.

I can’t wait to be there to help.